What’s in the box?

Well, its a mystery! But if you keep scrolling you can see a some examples of what might be included in the NOLA Mystery Box!

Coffee Beans

New Orleans loves its coffee!

The Mystery Box will have some great coffee from the New Orleans area. We have many excellent roasters in New Orleans and can’t wait to share them with everyone!

Spices and Herbs

Everyone knows New Orleans has the best food!

We will typically include a recipe and also the difficult to find or only available in New Orleans seasonings.

Mardi Gras Ladder

Seasonal Surprises!

New Orleans likes to celebrate anything, anytime of the year. When you order a Mystery Box, you can celebrate just like New Orleans. The NOLA Mystery Box will be influenced by whatever New Orleans is celebrating at the time the box is ordered!

Did somebody say Art?

The NOLA Mystery Box will always include a unique piece of art created right here in the Crescent City! Depending on what NOLA Mystery Box you order will determine what type and how big the piece of art inside will be.

What are you waiting for!

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